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saadhvi ([personal profile] saadhvi) wrote2011-04-16 11:13 am


Well, after being kindly gifted a code - I suppose it behooves me to think on what I'll use this for, and a bit of a "bio" for anyone who may want to continue reading this.

Much of what I post, I think, will be internal-philosophical bits and bobs, opened to public comment for more thought provocation. I'm currently abroad in India where my husband works at a Christian boarding school - and I am most definitively not Christian. The interaction of religion and culture is huge in India, and it's a subject I've an interested in, particularly mingled with language and politics.

As it stands - today I'm off to go get some saris, I hope!, and then "International Day" at school, and then work through about two hours of Hindi language solo study.